Online solutions

In addition to the media nowsroom as an important component for press and public relations work, we also provide other online solutions to enable personal and subject-oriented communication with journalists.
  • Journalist Relationship Management Tool (JRM)
    This comprehensive database provides all key contact data to media providers at any time and from any location. In addition to email addresses, telephone numbers and postal addresses, there is also a module for assigning individual publications, subject areas and theme plans. This enables us to carefully prepare information to assist journalists in their daily work.
  • Media database with individual press distributors
    All information on circulation and coverage as well as media data are always up-to-date: from specialist press, special interest magazines, periodicals and customer journals through weekly and daily newspapers to digital media with TV magazines, radio stations, online portals and blogs. A link to our JRM tool and press mailing software allows us to build a subject-specific distributor to send information individually to the relevant contact partner at each publication or station.
  • Online press releases
    Informative content clearly identifiable with client logo transports the message with relevant, expressive press photos in each email. We believe it is really important that journalists are addressed directly by name. Despite the volume of each issue, this solution adds the personal touch.
  • Evaluation tool for quantitative and qualitative analysis
    All publications are arranged according to medium and subject including photos and type of positioning using this special analysis tool. A link to media data enables us to provide a precise analysis of circulation, coverage and content. A clear overview of the results enables the advertising equivalent to be calculated. This intensive success monitor contributes greatly to the ongoing development of all strategic measures.
  • Media booking tool
    We have developed our own online booking system to ensure media bookings run smoothly and on schedule. This gives direct access to print deadlines and publication dates of magazines and newspapers, for example.